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  About Us! was found in the year 2006 and Brigma's mission at the time was to create a website that will serve as my online gallery and portfolio of my art works from my college years. The whole idea was to create a website that will host my college art works while in college that will encompass photographs, graphic designs, sketches, paintings, etc., etc. and also use it as an online portfolio so that if I apply for job with any company and the same company chose to see my portfolio before employment they could instantly go to and view portfolio containing my world of arts as an artist.

But shortly after that I realize that have potential to serve other purposes beyond my scope dreams so I decided to make my website a public website where people from all over the world could come and upload their of images/photographs including videos for visitors from all around the world to view and upload their own to share as well with friends and family members!

To help us help you, we are asking you to please feel free to send us your feedback with your questions and views concerning our website! Enjoy browsing Brigma site.

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